The Warrior Report

When I thought about starting this website, a lot of things went through my mind. Would anyone come to the site? Will there be enough material to cover for frequent stories? Will anyone care? However, the one thing that made me create The Warrior Report is that there is no real Chenango Valley news getting to the students. It’s someone tainted by the time it reaches us, sometimes because obviously us kids can’t handle the real truth. By this, I certainly don’t mean that with this website as my tool that I am trying to under mind the school with a beacon of truth. I just want to give students news, information, and opinion that they find useful and interesting. More contributors will be on the writing staff in a short while, and always, if you have something to say or contribute e-mail it to – it will only help the cause. For now, happy surfing and I hope you will enjoy the site. I’m off the the football game now. GO WARRIORS!


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