Blue Devils sneak by Warriors


Chenango Valley High School – 9/30/06
The CV student section at the Chenango Valley High School football field could not have been louder. The stadium could not have been more packed, the concession lines could not have been any longer, and the rivalry could not have been any more brutal. When the ‘Warrior Clap’ started as the Chenango Valley varsity football team took the field, everyone knew CV was going to win. They ran out onto the field in front of cheering and supportive fans, and also bitter rivals. This feeling would last until the last two minutes of the game, when CF got extremely lucky and turned the game around. In the final minutes of the game, CV was called for pass interference on a long, incomplete pass from CF quarterback Bryan Lance. After the play, an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was called against Warrior head coach Jay Hope who protested the previous call. This critical penalty then moved the ball ahead to the 10-yard line. From that point the CV cheering section went silent, not knowing what would happen next in a game that looked like it was going CV’s way. Chenango Fork’s Joe Aston ran the ball in for a touchdown on the third down of the next drive. It was 14-9 with less than a minute to go. CV got to their own 45-yard line five plays after the kickoff. Matt Mullins then made a pass down the middle which ricocheted off the hands of the intended receiver to fall into the grasp of Tim Zdimal- a CF
sophomore. CF had barely won the best Warriors vs. Blue Devils football game in the history of the rivalry, and certainly one of the best high school football games so far in the season for the Southern Tier. However, just because CV lost, they put on a spectacular show of strength on both offense and defense. On offense, Matt Mullins led the team with 196 passing yards, along with Trevor Cola who rushed and received for a total of 118 yards, and Nick Dadamio who kicked an early field goal and ran in added 69 receiving yards. The defense held the state champions Chenango Forks to only two touchdowns and 199 yards throughout the game. Both schools had great football teams that have proven that they can be competitive on the football field. Chenango Forks may have won this battle, but another Warriors-Blue Devils game is possible before the end of the football season. They could end up playing each other again in the playoffs when the stakes will be higher, the competition fiercer, and the prize bigger.

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