The Warrior Report – 2007

By Jared Kraham | The Warrior Report

If any fans of The Warrior Report happen to be disappointed about the frequency of updates in the month of December 2006, I can explain. A extremely busy December sports schedule, busy times during the holidays, a severe flu-like virus, loads of school work including a research paper, and a sprained ankle mostly make up my reasons (excuses) for not updating this site since December 8th and not making a podcast since Halloween.

I figured that 2007 was a time to start fresh. Last night while watching the last WBNG Sports Overtime of 2006, which was filled with plays that we as Warriors remembered like the SportsCenter notable catch in center-field last baseball season, and plays we would like to forget (winning two point run vs. Windsor), I came to the conclusion that 2007 will be a big year here at The Warrior Report, not necessarily because the crack-squad of reporters here will be doing extra work, but because we have to look forward to an even better year at Chenango Valley than 2006.

Aside from that inspiring run-on sentence above, it really is true. Just think for instance, the most heartbreaking sports story I had to write in 2006 was the photo-finish loss to Chenango Forks during the awesome football season that the varsity team had, and in 2007 there’s no doubt in my mind that Chenango Valley will win Class B honors, beating Forks in the process.

Some students have come to me and criticized The Warrior Report for either not covering the non-mainstream sports, or only covering sports in general. My response to this is that if you can find a large number of students who have extreme passion in the Girls’ JV volleyball team, then provide me with scores and I can update. However, the site is very time consuming and luckily I am only a spectator at sporting events and not actually participating in them. If this was the case I would never have enough time for the site. But I thank all the students, teachers, and parents who have told me how much they like the site, and I appreciate the support very much.

In the year of MMVII, expect some more podcasts, more stories, and more important information that will put The Warrior Report ahead of as your favorite website.*

*Maybe not this year.


Girls win, guys lose

By Jared Kraham | The Warrior Report

The Chenango Valley basketball program sure had its ups and downs last night. The girls’ varsity basketball team won against Windsor 47-43 at home, making them 3-0 this season overall, and 2-0 in their division – good for first. However, the boys’ headed into “Black Knight country” and could not pull off a win as they lost 77-62 against the current East division first place team.

As of December 7th, the CV girls’ teams is ranked #14 is Class B. With this win, this ranking can only go up for Chenango Valley. The girls’ team is in first place in the East division, and have no sign of slowing down as they continue to impress on the basketball court.

The boys’ had a harder time last night, loosing for the second time in a row, and currently remain in last place. The lead scorer for CV was Matt Mullins who had 21 points.

Warriors 2006-07 Basketball Schedule

The full schedule is available here:

This week, Chenango Valley heads to Windsor to try to pick up the second win of the season.

Also, look for Pep Rally pictures and full reports tomorrow.



This weekend has not been good to Chenango Valley sports teams, and the CV hockey game tonight was no different. Chenango Valley lost to Chenango Forks 8-1, making them 0-8 this season. The only goal scored by Chenango Valley was from senior Sean Langevin, who sniped one in, in the first period. From there, Forks was able to penetrate well past the half and make the Warriors defense work hard to get out of many jams.Although the game was one sided, many opportunities for scoring were available to Chenango Valley, as in the case of Kevin Mahoney’s three rebound attempt that was stopped by Chenango Forks’ defense. Although the regular season does not count (every team makes it to the playoffs) this season has not been going to well for the Warriors, who last year were narrowly beat by CF, in a 5-4 loss.

Overtime, but not enough time for Warriors

By Jared Kraham | The Warrior ReportSports Overtime on WBNG may have said that “Chenango Valley was the big winner in this one,” but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. In their first home game of the season, the Warriors lost to the Susquehanna Valley Sabers 89-78. After a the fourth quarter ended in a 67-67 tie, overtime came Continue reading