This weekend has not been good to Chenango Valley sports teams, and the CV hockey game tonight was no different. Chenango Valley lost to Chenango Forks 8-1, making them 0-8 this season. The only goal scored by Chenango Valley was from senior Sean Langevin, who sniped one in, in the first period. From there, Forks was able to penetrate well past the half and make the Warriors defense work hard to get out of many jams.Although the game was one sided, many opportunities for scoring were available to Chenango Valley, as in the case of Kevin Mahoney’s three rebound attempt that was stopped by Chenango Forks’ defense. Although the regular season does not count (every team makes it to the playoffs) this season has not been going to well for the Warriors, who last year were narrowly beat by CF, in a 5-4 loss.


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