Windsor rides again…

Boys’ Varsity: Windsor, 64-60

Boys’ JV: Windsor, 80-65

Girls’ Varsity: Chenango Valley, 50-32

Girls’ JV: Chenango Valley, 47-34

Two of Chenango Valley’s varsity players scored 22 points, but CV was still not able to win. Seth Mohney and Matt Mullins lead the Warriors with 44, or 73% of the 60 points for the night but Chenango Valley was not able to finish what was a ten point, come-from-behind rally in the end. Windsor’s Charles Sopata’s three-pointer with six seconds left sealed the deal for Windsor and again, the Warriors cannot get a last minute win. The boys’ JV team also lost as well, receiving their first of the season mainly due to Windsor’s ability to defend all over the court and grab rebounds.

The girls’ teams fared a little better Friday night, both winning their games by double-digits. The varsity was led by Katie Lowell’s 16 points, and by winning, they continue to keep pressure on Seton CC in the division race.


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