Cheerleading forgotten?

By Jared Kraham | The Warrior Report

After all the basketball games, the STAC cheerleading competitions, the cheers and tears after winning it all or going home empty handed, the sport of cheerleading for the most part has now been forgotten. Especially in this school year of extreme disputes over cheerleading, all involving the “Pudish Precedent” (as first seen here at The Warrior Report), the sport is now over and won’t return until next football season.

In front of a packed house at the Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena, our Chenango Valley Warriors placed second in a competition with other schools from the Southern Tier Athletic Conference on Sunday – a day packed with classic rock tunes given new “techno beats.” For close to five hours, girls and a handful of boys lit up the Arena stage with basketball cheers and dance moves, while always trying to obey strict cheerleading regulations.

Although parents, students, and cheerleaders alike all attended to support each other with warm hugs and friendly smiles (fake or real), there was no mention or discussion of the cheerleading dispute that has painted the pages of the Press and Sun Bulletin’s Opinion section ever since it began. In a time where political correctness and civil liberties are far more important that traditional practices, it is no wonder that a civil liberties activist could bring up a non-issue, and make it an issue.

The front page of The New York Times is a forum for major news, world happenings that shape our generation, people, places, and events that truly matter. This basketball season, on the very same page that New York City, and the rest of the world read about the sinking of the Titanic, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the death of JFK, this blurb was seen:

“Thirty girls signed up for the cheerleading squad this winter at Whitney Point High School in upstate New York. But upon learning they would be waving their pompoms for the girls’ basketball team as well as the boys’, more than half of the aspiring cheerleaders dropped out.”

The four that were left on the Whitney Point team competed at competition this past Sunday – they didn’t place. I thought that the “STAC Spirit Award” should have been given to these hardworking, courageous, and outnumbered athletes. Is the decision that made twenty-six girls not participate in a sport that they love a fair trade-off to regulate the so called “civil liberties” that were “taken away” from girls’ basketball players that did not have cheerleaders in attendance at their games?

I’ll let you decide.


CV gives the Forks “double digits”

The Chenango Valley Warriors will see Blue Devil dust in their rear view mirror on the bus ride to Oneonta this Saturday; but they will also see Yellow-jackets swarming ahead. Fortunately for CV, not many yellow-jackets like to sting in February.

Wednesday night, the Chenango Valley varsity boys’ basketball team’s starting five scored double digits in their 74-61 win over Chenango Forks. The highest scorer for the Warriors was Chris Mack with 16 points followed by, Matt Bobal – 14, Matt Mullins – 13, Trevor Cola – 12, and Seth Mohney – 12.

In their last face-off, the Warriors lost to Oneonta 77-56 – Chenango Valley’s biggest loss of the season. The Warriors travel to Oneonta to play in the quarter-final sectional tournament. It may be close to a fifty minute drive, but The Warrior Report will be there covering every play…weather permitting.

ALERT: *School Closed*

Wednesday February 14: Snow Day, all classes cancelled.

This is still an early report but accurate, look to The Warrior Report for more info as the hours go by.

Buzzer beating tornado

By Jared Kraham | The Warrior Report

Last Wednesday was the fifth game for Chenango Valley to end in less than a 4 point difference. It was also the fifth game for Chenango Valley to lose with less than a 4 point difference. Robert Martin of Norwich made Monday night’s game the sixth – Purple Tornado, 60 Chenango Valley, 59.

The final seconds of this contest, one in which the Warriors came back from major deficits (mostly due to magical three pointers by Matt Mullins and Chris Mack), dug in defensively, and came through in clutch situations ended in a final jumper from Robert Martin of Norwich. With about 15 seconds left, Matt Mullins was fouled while dribbling down the court, which put him at the foul line. The clock ticked down as Norwich took back possession and worked up the court, where it seemed like a blur of purple jerseys scattered looking for an open shot.

The hero for Norwich then took the ball and found a lane where he pump faked and in one fade- away, Michael Jordan style shot, took the game away from Chenango Valley.

Robert Martin made one heck of a game winning shot.

Certainly there is speculation regarding the buzzer ringing while he was still on the ground, and from my eyewitness account, the referees did not want to deal with yelling spectators and left the court as soon as the buzzer rang.

I’ll let you decide.

…and again the Warriors come close

By Jared Kraham | The Warrior Report

There is absolutely no smoking in the Chenango Valley High School gymnasium, but no need to worry tonight; this game was close, but no cigar.

The Chenango Valley Warriors lost another close game Wedensday night, the enemy then was the Whitney Point Eagles. With 2.5 seconds left in the game, leading scorer for CV Matt Mullins made a huge layup to tie the score 54-54. This would be just two of his 25 points for the night. Overtime put Chenango Valley in a tough situation, all game Whitney Point was getting rebounds and making things happen in the paint. The four minutes were not enough, as a couple turnovers gave way for some easy layups by the Eagles, and although a last second Matt Mullins’ 3-pointer (his 4th) made it 65-62, the Warriors fell in the end.

Chenango Valley JV won 54-28.

Heartbreaking 52-55 loss for Chenango Valley


Boys’ Varsity: Seton Catholic Central, 55-52

Boys’ JV: Chenango Valley, 52-34

Girls’ Varsity: Seton Catholic Central, 54-45

Girls’ JV: Chenango Valley, 42-49

This was the first game that I kept track of statistics from the stands for The Warrior Report, but in the words of JV boys’ basketball player Andy Fox, “The stat sheet didn’t tell the story of this game.”

The Chenango Valley Warriors varsity basketball team lost yet another heartbreaking, and close game Friday night 52-55, this time against the Seton Catholic Central Saints. The Warriors had overcome big point differences and a tough Saints’ offense to tie the score at 52-52. With 4.6 seconds remaining, a saint came marching in for Seton CC and made a huge 3-pointer. The Warriors then called a time-out to get a plan together for the remaining seconds. Chenango Valley inbounded the ball to leading scorer for the season Matt Mullins, who dribbled up to the arc and found a way to get off a shot. This shot bounced off the rim and sealed the deal for the Saints’ victory.

To say that Chenango Valley played terribly would be a huge mistake. The last time CV and SCC met, the Saints won 73-48. This just puts another “heartbreaking” in the loss category for CV. Leading scorer for the Warriors was Seth Mohney with 15 points and 5/8 at the free throw line. Matt Mullins made two 3-pointers, the only two scored by Chenango Valley.

*Chenango Valley Basketball Friday*