Buzzer beating tornado

By Jared Kraham | The Warrior Report

Last Wednesday was the fifth game for Chenango Valley to end in less than a 4 point difference. It was also the fifth game for Chenango Valley to lose with less than a 4 point difference. Robert Martin of Norwich made Monday night’s game the sixth – Purple Tornado, 60 Chenango Valley, 59.

The final seconds of this contest, one in which the Warriors came back from major deficits (mostly due to magical three pointers by Matt Mullins and Chris Mack), dug in defensively, and came through in clutch situations ended in a final jumper from Robert Martin of Norwich. With about 15 seconds left, Matt Mullins was fouled while dribbling down the court, which put him at the foul line. The clock ticked down as Norwich took back possession and worked up the court, where it seemed like a blur of purple jerseys scattered looking for an open shot.

The hero for Norwich then took the ball and found a lane where he pump faked and in one fade- away, Michael Jordan style shot, took the game away from Chenango Valley.

Robert Martin made one heck of a game winning shot.

Certainly there is speculation regarding the buzzer ringing while he was still on the ground, and from my eyewitness account, the referees did not want to deal with yelling spectators and left the court as soon as the buzzer rang.

I’ll let you decide.


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