CV teacher dies unexpectedly

By Jared Kraham | The Warrior Report

Ira Simpson, a fifth grade teacher at Chenango Bridge Elementary School died unexpectedly early Friday morning, March 9th due to some form of a quick, unexpected illness.

More commonly known as Mr. Simpson, 58 taught for numerous years at Chenango Bridge Elementary and is a long time Chenango Valley faculty member, teaching many current Chenango Valley High School students, older siblings to those students, and even student’s parents.

Although the cause of death is currently unknown, it is known that sometime Wednesday, Simpson went to seek a medical explanation for some sort of recently acquired illness. It appears that on Thursday, his condition took a turn for the worse involving some sort of organ or immune system failure due to a bacterial infection, although this has not been confirmed. Also, it is during the day on Thursday when district-wide e-mails were sent and meetings took place to inform faculty and staff of this situation. Later that night, Simpson passed away.

Students learned of this news Friday, after the morning announcements when homeroom teachers read aloud an e-mail from principal Glenn Reich explaining this loss to the Chenango Valley School District.

When more information is available on this developing story, The Warrior Report will provide updates about this horrible tragedy affecting the entire Chenango Valley community.


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