Chenango Valley, exit here.

By Jared Kraham | The Warrior Report

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At the end of the first quarter, the score was Chenango Valley – 4, South Jefferson – 2. Depending on whom you ask, both teams played excellent defense that quarter (The Warrior Report), or it was a “sloppy turnover-filled, poor-shooting first quarter by both teams” (an unnamed local Binghamton newspaper).

The Chenango Valley varsity girls’ baketball team lost to South Jefferson High School from New York State Section 3 Saturday 43-33, knocking them out of the Class B state tournament.

Of Chenango Valley’s 33 points, 17 came from lightning quick senior Donnalyn Cross who seemed like the only one that scored for Chenango Valley. The next highest scorer for Chenango Valley was Katie Lowell with 6 points.

To break this game down by assists, steals, and rebounds would just contribute to the number of useless stats at the end of a basketball game. The most meaningful way to explain the loss it to breakdown the mascots: Warrior vs. Spartan

The Warrior, which in Chenango Valley’s case is more of a Trojan warrior from Greek mythology, and will be used like one in this example. The Spartans, also from Greek mythology were bitter rivals of the Trojans, and also great warriors. In the famous battle of Troy, in which the Trojan horse was used by the Spartans to fool the Trojans and gain entrance to their city is similar to this game.

Once the Spartans were in the city, at midnight, they left the hollow wooden horse in the great story that everyone knows, to slaughter all in a city of Troy celebrating the “victory” over Sparta.

It is “Selection Sunday,” and my favorite team, the University of North Carolina Tarheels face off against the North Carolina State Wolfpack for the ACC Championship. And in this entire lesson of the Battle of Troy, and basing the team mascots on who will win the game, only one questions remains in determining who will win the ACC title: What exactly is a Tarheel?

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