School Spirit

Chenango Valley lost to Chenango Forks. There’s really no other way to put it. However, if you forget about the rivalry, the dynasty and the championship game, you have something left: school spirit. The craziness that Chenango Valley High School experienced during the week of “Valley vs. Forks II, The Rematch” (as it is being called) was unprecedented and was the single greatest week of togetherness, spirit and fun for CV that I have ever seen. I can’t speak for Chenango Forks, but I would say that in a contest for student support of a football team, we won hands down. Everyone felt as though they were taking the football field under those lights Friday night. Everyone believed that on that chilly November night their team, their Warriors, would battle for a victory. In my eyes, everyone was right. That game was a big victory for Chenango Valley, not in the score but in bringing us together. We didn’t care that CF had demolished 60 straight teams from our division, won six straight sectional championships, and beat us earlier this season. All we cared about was that we were there, with everyone around us in a sea of red shouting “Red! Gray! Let’s Go Warriors All the Way!” pounding their feet and clapping their hands. Even if we knew we would lose, we would still show up and support. That’s what Warriors do, they Refuse to Lose.

And as always…GO WARRIORS!


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