CV rallies, beats Forks – 7th straight.

Chenango Valley Warriors: 76
Chenango Forks Blue Devils: 65

The Forks-Valley rivalry doesn’t always make it onto the basketball court, but when a guy named Matt Mullins is guarding a guy named Garret Cade, it just might be an emotional game. The Chenango Valley Warriors varsity boys’ basketball team beat the Chenango Forks Blue Devils 76-65 Friday night at Chenango Valley High School. Matt Mullins led the Warriors with 25 points as Chenango Valley wins its 7th game in a row. The game remained close throughout, and after trailing 40-34 at halftime, CV needed a change in defense. After a halftime prep talk from coach Zanot, the Warriors changed into a man-to-man set, and turned it around in the third quarter. Tommy Hull, who had 17 points in the game, was absolutely on fire in the third quarter, hitting three 3-pointers and getting 11 of his points. With 1:54 left in the game, Chenango Valley was leading 68-65 after a Clint Cade layup and Coach Zanot took a timeout. On the next possession, Chris Mack controlled the ball up the court with the “Warrior Clap” loudly echoing through the House of Rock. After a few quick passes, Matt Mullins controlled the ball at the top of the key. With a screen from Tommy Hull, he was able to find a lane and with a spin move, make a drive and get the basket. After a Tommy Hull layup (assist from Mack), the Warriors now led 72-65. When a CF three-point miss put Chenango Valley in control – they went out of control. Matt Mullins tried to work inside, but when he was double teamed, he found Eric Bidwell on the far side. Eric Bidwell went for the three-pointer and was knocked down drawing the foul. It went in to make it 76-65, and the crowd went wild. Clutch performances were the key to this Chenango Valley win. Chris Mack contributed with 18 points and 6 assists and Matt Bobal had 11 rebounds for CV.

Video highlights to come…

Chenango Valley Warriors vs. Seton Catholic Central Saints
Tuesday, January 29th, 7:45 p.m.
Seton Catholic Central High School


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