Hoops wrapup.

They made it to Glens Falls. What a season. After all the games in the House of Rock or wherever they went, the Chenango Valley boys’ basketball team made CV (and BIFF) proud. They upset Seton, they upset Lansing, they upset Hannibal, but they never upset the crowds cheering them on. Whether it was Tommy Hull or Matt Mullins on one of their 30-point nights, or Chris Mack hitting 3’s from downtown to rack up 24 points vs. Hannibal, or Eric Bidwell
getting fouled and making a 3-pointer to end the game vs. Chenango Forks, or all three of the “Seton Fan Club” vs. the “CV 6th Man” games, or Mike Ball’s tip-in buzzer beater in the Lansing game to put the Warriors ahead before halftime, or the chants of “Come on Mully” before a big free-throw, or when our fans stormed the court after we knew the Warriors were headed to Glens Falls, it was always was worth the ticket price to come see CV play. Congratulations to all the basketball players on the most successful basketball season ever at Chenango Valley. It’s one for the Wall of Fame.

#2 – Chris Mack (12)
#3 – Eric Bidwell (12)
#4 – Andy Fox (10)
#5 – Kris Boyce (12)
#21 – Kyle Christoffersen (11)
#32 – Tommy Hull (10)
#33 – Myles Pedroso (12)
#34 – Matt Mullins (12)
#44 – Mike Ball (12)
#55 – Matt Bobal (12)

Coaches: Bob Zanot, Matt Stanton, Aaron Waymire
Manager: Ed Saunders

Look for baseball coverage coming next week…



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