Class B rankings…

The first game of the season is only seven days away. Wow. I have spent some time doing research and compiled a pre-season ranking of Class B teams. Nothing too serious, just my thoughts on the upcoming season.

Division III:
#1 – Chenango Forks Blue Devils
What’s good: New playing field, experienced defense, Section IV’s best program ever?
What’s not: New head coach, QBs, stiff competition (that means CV)
#2 (tie) – Chenango Valley Warriors
What’s good: Defense, smashmouth running game, the best fans in Section IV
What’s not: Rough schedule, many holes to fill, stiff competition (that means CF)
#2 (tie) – Windsor Black Knights
What’s good: High octane offense, passing game, most experienced
What’s not: No defense, easy non-league schedule, off-field problems
#4 – Norwich Purple Tornado
What’s good: Playing field, PA very low, sleeper team ’08
What’s not: Average team in above average division, fan support, key players
#5 – Oneonta Yellowjackets
What’s good: Experienced defense, great home games, athleticism
What’s not: Offense, no program, turnovers

The way I see it, the top two teams in Div. III will play for the Section IV Class B title. Chenango Valley, Windsor and Chenango Forks will beat each other up all season. I think all Chenango Valley has to do is to win three division games to make it into the playoffs. No one team will emerge as the best until later in the season, as CV plays Windsor in Week #5, CV plays CF in Week #7, and Windsor plays CF in Week #8. Since Susquehanna Valley moved divisions (usually a divisional win for the better teams), there will tighter competition at the top. Chenango Valley cannot lose to either Norwich or Oneonta and then expect to beat Windsor and CF for the magical three wins. Get wins while you can and prepare for the big games. Defense will be more important than ever this season, and I think CF and CV can stop Windsor’s certain air attack. Looking at the schedules, anything could happen. A rematch from last season? Let’s play the first game and think about those things later.



Top 10 reasons…

Here we go, “The Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Excited for 2008 Chenango Valley Football.”
The first game is only twelve days away, and here are some reasons to get pumped:

#10 – The Schedule
This season’s schedule is one of the weirdest and coolest in recent memory. CV has three Friday away games under the lights, play a AA team, and play CF at home the second to last game of the season.
Bottom line: Very cool…

#9 – Tailgating
Football season means eating breakfast at the high school, getting to games at 9:00 a.m. and pumping car stereos in opponent’s parking lots. The 12th Man will be crazy as usual this year.
Bottom line: The Warrior Compound will be rocking…

#8 – Homecoming
The homecoming game is against Elmira Southside, and I’m predicting a win. After the game, all CV students get dressed up and pack into the gym to celebrate the win by dancing to hip-hop songs and Disney Channel stars.
Bottom line: Always a good time…

#7 – BIFF
Chenango Valley’s favorite fan, this guy and his model girlfriend TIFF bring us hilarious anecdotes throughout the school year.
Bottom line: It’s been a long summer without him…

#6 – The Warrior Report
Why not? This year, there will be two cameras for home games, bringing you even more views of all the action. Also, there’s no other site on the web devoted to covering Chenango Valley football like we are.
Bottom line: We’ve had over 40,000 unique visitors in our short history…

#5 – New QB
Senior Rocco Testani steps in under center this year, and I’m thinking he’ll bring a lot to the team. He’s in top physical shape (6’1″ 180 lbs.), and will lead his “smashmouth offense” this season. Getting some in-game snaps last year, having playoff experience as well as having an extremely productive off-season make Rocco a player to watch this year.
Bottom line: He’s a lefty and thats classy…

#4 – Brian Stinson
He’s listed as 6’2″, 205 lbs. This guy could run through a brick wall. #44 will not only bring excitement to the Warrior football season, he will bring major yardage. He rushed for 294 yards last season, averaging 4.3 yards/carry and had seven touchdowns. Look for even more this year, Brian’s the go-to guy for the running game.
Bottom line: Oh yeah, CV plays Windsor…

#3 – The Coaches
Whether it’s head coach Jay Hope’s infamous sideburns or assistant coach Scott Klein’s attention span, the CV coaches always have something interesting going on. Watching coach Chris Ruf getting the players pumped up on the sidelines and the inside football jokes can make any season enjoyable.
Bottom line: Now that Mr. Greene is gone (not really) from that other school near us, will Coach Hope rise to be Class B’s top coach?

#2 – The Nicknames
A new football season bring some new (and some old) nicknames back to the forefront. T-Bone, Smithers, Mageee, The Mini Horse, Moooooch, CV’s Original 81, Chilly, Dr. Jones, and Hess Express just to name a few.
Bottom line: Big Country…

#1 – Forks vs. Valley
The best football game in Section 4 and one of the best rivalries in New York State. I know, “it’s not a rivalry because Forks always wins” blah blah blah. Chenango Valley vs. Chenango Forks, it’s the entire reason why CV football is exciting. It’s the pinnacle of high school school spirit and symbolizes the true meaning of high school football: Work hard, have fun, and beat the other guy. No forks in the cafeteria, Friday’s craziness before the big game, the painting of faces, the mohawks, the cheers,the touchdowns, the controversies, the rivalry.
Bottom line: It’s our time.

GO WARRIORS is onboard

Photo by Ernie Mauro
Photo by Ernie Mauro

Local internet broadcasting powerhouse, has announced its plans to broadcast five Chenango Valley varsity football games this upcoming season. Some broadcasts will be live on game day, and others will be tape delayed available in the “Archive” section of the site.
Here are the games:

Susquehanna Valley @ Chenango Valley
Saturday, September 13th, 1:30 p.m.

Elmira Southside @ Chenango Valley
Saturday, September 27th, 1:30 p.m.

Chenango Valley @ Windsor
Saturday, October 4th, 1:30 p.m.

Chenango Forks @ Chenango Valley
Saturday, October 18th, 1:30 p.m.

Ithaca @ Chenango Valley
Saturday, October 25th, 1:30 p.m.


*NEW T-shirts!*

Front | t-shirt design by The Warrior Report.


Back | t-shirt design by The Warrior Report.

Order your Chenango Valley “Warrior Nation” t-shirt today. It’s a great way to get ready for an exciting football season and a must have for all those great games. Wear this shirt to all Chenango Valley events to show your school spirit!

Price: $10
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To order, email with the number and sizes you want. Include your name and phone number.


10:23 p.m.

Get ready. | Original photo by Tim Rogers

Josh Pratt last season. | Original photo by Tim Rogers

I was standing on the 50-yard line at the Chenango Valley High School football field. I was standing on the field where the Chenango Valley Warriors have gone 8-1 in the past two seasons, and outscored their opponents 210-78.

However, this was the same 50-yard line where the Warriors did not have a winning season from 1997-2005. It was a span of eight losing years going 21-60 in the process. I remember witnessing CV lose 49-0 against Chenango Forks during one of those losing seasons. Imagine that.

What a long way the CV football program has come since those dire days in the valley. Over the past two years, Chenango Valley has gone from an automatic “W” on opponents schedules, to a very competitive state-ranked program on the rise.

As the weeks wind down until the first day of classes, the R.T.L. squad will be on the practice fields getting prepared for what should be another memorable season. The first day of practice is today, and after talking to some players, today’s a date that the team has been looking forward to.

It was 10:25 and I looked from the “good side” of the field where this season the likes of Testani, Stinson, Pratt, Smith and others will roam the sidelines before the big game and where Warrior Nation will rock the stands all the way to the “bad guys” side where the Sabers, Hornets, Little Red, and most notoriously the Blue Devils will pace until kickoff.

I have a sense that “Chenango Valley Football 2008” is gonna be a wild one.


We’ve got student support. Do you?

“We just don’t get the students to games, and I don’t know why,” he said. “You go to Seton, Chenango Valley, and even Vestal…they all have big student cheering sections, and for whatever reason, we do not.”

– Mark Abbott, Norwich head basketball coach

The endless debate will always continue. Who has the best student fan section in STAC? Section IV? New York State? Local high schools have their own basketball cheering sections, and since basketball season is over we can forget about the arguments about who is better…for now.

Recently, Patrick Newell, the sports editor for The Evening Sun in Norwich, blogged about Norwich’s lack of student support at basketball games. Although Norwich had a very successful season, going 15-6, head coach Mark Abbott can’t understand why there weren’t big cheering sections at home games. “We just don’t get the students to games, and I don’t know why,” he said. “You go to Seton, Chenango Valley, and even Vestal…they all have big student cheering sections, and for whatever reason, we do not.” Newell writes that mostly adults come to see games and the bleachers are filled – just not with students.

Take the schools where student cheering sections are big – most notably Chenango Valley and Seton Catholic Central. The basketball teams from both schools never feel like they are alone on the court, and games between Seton and CV can get rowdy, to say the least.

For me, it’s that school spirit that makes the games exciting. When CV played Seton in the Section IV semi-finals last season, it was electric at the neutral Johnson City site. Sitting at opposite-diagonal sides of the gym, the Warrior fan base rocked the bleachers and the Saints answered right back with a thunderous roar of their own. CV won that game and head basketball coach Bob Zanot told me that the great enthusiasm not only pumps up the players, but him as well. That’s what high school sports are all about.

But does having a massive student section cheering loudly really have an effect on the game? In NCAA Div. I basketball, where student fan sections can be the most organized and crazy in all of sports, researchers have found that playing at home means about a 4 point advantage for the home team. So in close games, the crowd does matter. In another study by Harvard University, a researcher found that by analyzing European soccer matches, for every 10,000 fans at a home game, it gave the home team a 0.1 goal advantage. In soccer that’s huge.

The Chenango Valley 6th Man, the Seton Catholic Central Fan Club, the Owego Free Academy O-Zone, the Union-Endicott Sea of Orange, and the Vestal Den Men can all be lucky that they are apart of a growing trend for schools to form official student cheering sections to help create the “Home” atmosphere that will help their teams win. I hope that Norwich starts something like these schools. With a good basketball program, Norwich could become one of those places, like CV and Seton where teams are afraid to play.


p.s. –

If anyone cares to bring up the atmosphere at a Chenango Valley vs. Chenango Forks football game, good luck. The loudness at those games breaks all rules of physics and common sense, and therefore should be thought of as a supernatural event that happens only once (or twice if your lucky) a year. It’s like Duke v. UNC, Yankees v. Red Sox, David v. Goliath, Mac v. PC, Good v. Evil, all rolled into one…on steroids. That’s why everyone loves it.

Brand New Website

Coach Hopes squad after the tough defeat last season at Forks.

Coach Hope's squad after the tough defeat last season at Forks.

Lookin’ good.
I hope everyone likes the edgy new look to The Warrior Report. The change comes right on the heels of an action packed CV football season – the first practice is in 9 days. The first varsity football game is September 5th at Corning West. I know you’re excited.
The summer has flown by, and now it’s time to focus on the Chenango Valley football squad, and its hopes that this season will put CV back in the Section IV championship game for the second straight year.
Competition will be stiff, look for some preseason rankings for Class B out in the coming weeks.
For now, enjoy the new site with all the same great content. Check out some of last season’s football highlights, or check out the Links page for more great Chenango Valley info.