Brand New Website

Coach Hopes squad after the tough defeat last season at Forks.

Coach Hope's squad after the tough defeat last season at Forks.

Lookin’ good.
I hope everyone likes the edgy new look to The Warrior Report. The change comes right on the heels of an action packed CV football season – the first practice is in 9 days. The first varsity football game is September 5th at Corning West. I know you’re excited.
The summer has flown by, and now it’s time to focus on the Chenango Valley football squad, and its hopes that this season will put CV back in the Section IV championship game for the second straight year.
Competition will be stiff, look for some preseason rankings for Class B out in the coming weeks.
For now, enjoy the new site with all the same great content. Check out some of last season’s football highlights, or check out the Links page for more great Chenango Valley info.



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