Black magic for Black Nights

Warriors’ playoff hopes gone after last second TD; CV loses 15-14.   
Windsor High School – 10/14/06                   

A chilly October wind rushed through the Windsor High School football field as the Windsor Homecoming banners waved. “Go Home CV” was the title of one such flag that was held by a Black Knight; the enemy, the opposition, the tenacious defenders of a perfect record. One touchdown in six games, and no worthy opposition so far in their season. The Warriors have had a terrific season, holding a 5-1 record and averaging nearly twenty-six points per game. Chenango Valley was the wild card this season, the underdog, the unknown. When CV won their first four games this year, they were starting to be recognized as a contender for the playoffs. Saturday the 14th brought a tough game to the Warriors, pitting them against the unbeaten Windsor Black Knights. This game would decide if Chenango Valley would make the playoffs, and if their exciting season would continue longer. The Warriors scored first in the game with a two yard run by Trevor Cola which was matched by Windsor in the same first quarter with a kickoff return by Cody Whitman. In the third quarter, CV scored again with a Mullins-Cola-Micha pass that gave the Warriors a touchdown. Until the final fifty seconds of the game, it looked as if Chenango Valley would win, and possibly move into playoff position. With a four yard run, Windsor put six more points on the scoreboard making it 13-14 and went for it all on the next play. A 999 QB Keep play was used for the successful two point conversion by Windsor, ending the Warriors’ playoff hopes with a heartbreaking 15-14 loss. Head coach Jay Hope was very positive in his quote in Sunday’s Press & Sun-Bulletin about the game on Saturday. He said, “I thought we played some of our best football…I thought two out of the three phases, we played pretty well.” CV was able to get 14 points against Windsor, who had before this game only allowed one touchdown all year. This was CV’s second loss of the season, and also the second time a game ended with less than five points between the teams, and the winning team scoring in the last three minutes of competition. Windsor is now 7-0, and faces the CV rival Chenango Forks next week to play a preview game for the upcoming playoffs. Also next week, the Warriors play Susquehanna Valley at home this Saturday, October 21st, and look not only to the past loss but also the road ahead. Next season, the top performing Matt Mullins, Trevor Cola and other juniors will be seniors, the team will be more experienced, and will be  tough competition for any school in Section 4. Also, members of the recent division champion JV team will join the squad next year, making the team even better. Chenango Valley football had an excellent season, and should be looked upon by any school as a team to watch out for in the future.


Chenango Valley 5-1, Windsor next

Norwich High School – 10/6/06 Of any game so far this season, CV needed to win this one. The Warriors headed to Norwich Friday for a 7:00PM game under the lights, and lit up the football field with their 24-14 victory. Trevor Cola lead the team with 209 total yards, and two touchdowns as Norwich’s defense could not contain CV’s rushing game. The Warriors scored three touchdowns and had one field goal as they landed their fifth win of the season, and their first win after last week’s CV vs. CF match. Chenango Valley continues to put points on the scoreboard anyway they can, mixing up a great passing game with tenacious running. Warriors head coach Jay Hope (The Press & Sun-Bulletin called him “CV coach Bob Hope”) said nothing but praise about Cola; “He’s such a talented athlete…Early on in the season he was running the ball to the outside, but now he’s starting to run inside and get the tough yards.” Next Saturday at 1:30, the R.T.L. squad will battle the Black Knights at Windsor, who are currently undefeated this season, and could prove to be the toughest opponent for CV this year. The Black Knights have only allowed one touchdown in five games, and their defense has overwhelmed every team they have played this season. With their win Friday, the Warriors have put themselves possibly into a playoff position, and could face up against Chenango Forks (for the second time) later this year.